The Jade International Night Market is a crucial tool to help support local small businesses in the Jade District neighborhood. The annual summer event provides a space to celebrate and recognize the diversity and culture of the communities who live and work in the Jade District and sheds light on the issues impacting a neighborhood in transition.

The Jade International Night Market takes place every year and provides a unique cultural event that reflects the diversity of the Jade District communities.  We envision an event that supports and roots the Jade District community in place, while providing an opportunity for community members and businesses to benefit economically from the event.  Last year, the Jade International Night Market brought over 25,000 visitors to Southeast 82nd Ave each weekend to participate in a community-driven event in an area that is historically underserved.

The Jade District is centered around Southeast 82nd Avenue and Division Street.  The goal of the Jade District is to build social and economic capacity, while mitigating displacement in the face of gentrification pressures.

Bring your friends and family! Enjoy live music, performances, activities, and of course, plenty to eat and drink!
August 24th and 31st, 2019!  Dates for the Night Market change annually; they take place the last two Saturdays in August. 
Portland Community College Southeast Campus, 2305 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216
Free parking; plenty of space for bikes and served by the Division MAX Station and TriMet Bus Routes 4 and 72
Free to attend